Wound care in Dermatology

The primary focus of wound care for dermatologists is typically post-surgical management of biopsy and excision sites or post-procedural skincare after energy-based procedures or peels. Doctors who perform aesthetic procedures, particularly energy-based procedures or injections, are particularly focused on a speedy recovery, minimal discomfort, short recovery periods, and the best possible appearance. Controlled wounds created with these methods and technology heal more quickly than uncontrolled or traumatic wounds. But for the best cosmesis, good wound care aids in promoting healing. When you consider that, in some circumstances, aesthetic practitioners purposefully create controlled wounds with the aim of reshaping existing scars, the necessity of promoting wound healing becomes obvious. At the Dermatology Conference 2023, the session's objective is to discuss the significant advancement and deepen our comprehension in the fields of dermatology and Wound Care

  • Care for surgical wounds in dermatology
  • Atopic dermatitis
  • Repair of dermatological flaps and grafts
  • Treatment for wound scars
  • Post- surgical management

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