Skin Nutrition and Anti-aging Medicine

The spirit of a person is what makes them beautiful. Nutritional variables have an important part in the correct functioning of the skin. The relationship between nutrition and skin health, or more precisely impact the nutrition on skin ageing. There are two types of ageing processes in the skin. The first is intrinsic skin ageing, which is a type of chronological ageing that affects skin in the same way that it does all other organs. Extrinsic skin ageing, also known as wrinkled skin, is caused by external causes and environmental influences such as prolonged sun exposure and ultraviolet (UV) irradiations, as well as smoking, pollution, sleep deprivation, and poor diet.


  • Mesodermal
  • Pigmentation
  • Protection
  • Heat regulation
  • Control of evaporation
  • Water resistance
  • Keratomalacia

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