Platelet-rich plasma in cosmetic therapy

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a face rejuvenation therapy that uses your own plasma to promote collagen formation and cell migration, allowing lines, creases, and wrinkles to be reduced. PRP is effective for patients since it is minimally invasive, has no danger of allergic response, and may be used to treat practically any part of the body without risk of negative effects. PRP can be utilised topically or intradermally in conjunction with fractional ablative laser resurfacing to improve skin renewal and acne scarring while allowing for a speedier recovery time.


  • Non-cosmetic Applications of PRP
  • Augmentation of the Wound Healing Response
  • Applications of Platelet-rich Fibrin Matrix
  • Enlarged pores and Skin texture issues
  • Effects of autologous PRP injections

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