Hair Loss Management and Advances in Trichology

Trichology is the study of human hair structure, function, and illnesses. The diagnosis and treatment of illnesses and abnormalities of the human hair and scalp is known as clinical trichology. It includes the investigation of illnesses of the human hair and scalp, as well as the determination of the cause(s) and treatment of these conditions.

It's normal to lose a strand of hair every day as part of the natural development cycle of your hair. The majority of people's hair regrows. However, sickness, hormonal fluctuations, stress, age, and genetic diseases can all disrupt the development cycle of your hair. The prevention and treatment of hair loss, also known as alopecia or baldness, as well as hair regeneration, are all part of hair loss management. Some conditions, such as hair loss during pregnancy may cure on their own, while others necessitate medical attention.


  • Male and female pattern baldness
  • Influence of Stress and Psychology on Hair
  • Hormonal causes of Hair loss
  • Follicular transfer for Hair Restoration
  • Grey and white hair-pigment loss
  • Diet, Supplements, Hair Care, Medical treatments and Medications

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