Challenges in Dermatology

Due to the nature and presentation of dermatological problems, clinical trials for dermatology are typically critical main objectives. Acne, eczema, and psoriasis are among the most common skin illnesses worldwide, posing a considerable burden and shame for patients. Dermatological treatment requires reducing the patient's anxieties, concerns, and expectations.

Social humiliation affects individuals who have severe acne, tanned often, or have dark pigmentation. Dermatologists must be sympathetic to their patients' emotional and psychological issues in order to do this. Patients have high expectations when they come to see you. The dermatology community is well-versed in dealing with such expectations.


  • Health care reform
  • Quality dermatologic care access
  • Demonstrating the value of Dermatology
  • Perceptions of dermatology
  • Preserving a broad specialty
  • Engaging and maintaining residents and young physicians

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